Image Acquisition Component

The secondary payload (SU being the primary) of UPSat is an Image Acquisition system. The goal of the IAC is to shoot images pointing down to earth with a relatively good

  • A linux embedded board – DART4460 (running a custom build of OpenWRT)
  • An USB camera Ximea MU9PM-MH
  • A lens attached to the camera (50mm 1/2” IR MP)

Based on the specs we will have a 6.5×4.9 deg FOV (8.2deg diagonal)

Assuming capturing on 5MP (2592 x 1944 pixels) vertically we will have an approximate resolution of:

  • At 400km: 45.6×34.2 km (17.6 m per pixel)
  • At 250km: 28.5×21.4 km (11 m per pixel)