UPSat is ready to launch!

UPSat is ready to launch!

On Tuesday 22nd of November our team in close collaboration with NanoRacks and Innovative Solutions In Space have successfully completed the integration of UPSat into a NanoRacks deployer. UPSat together with the rest of the QB50-ISS campaign cubesats, is set to be launched on board Cygnus automated cargo spaceship delivery towards the International Space Station.


Those are the last pictures of UPSat on earth! Next time we see UPSat, it will be deployed from ISS.  In the meantime, we will keep you updated with other mission details and our launch date as soon as it is confirmed.

One thought on “UPSat is ready to launch!

  1. Tom J Watts

    Looking forward to see the launch of the first completely open source satellite in space. You guys boldly take open source here where no one has got it before.

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