Vibration campaign successful

Vibration campaign successful

We are happy to announce that UPSat team has successfully completed the vibration campaign for the satellite. The tests were conducted in the testing facilities of Hellenic Aerospace Industry, which we would like to thank for their commitment and help throughout the process.
The Test-POD used was designed and constructed in-house from aluminum alloy 7075. A basic outline can be found below together with actual pictures:.


The test sequence was as follows:

1. X-axis
1.1. Resonance survey (X-1)
1.2. Quasi-static (sine burst) X
1.3. Sinusoidal vibration X
1.4. Random vibration X
1.5. Resonance survey (X-2)
2. Y-axis
2.1. Resonance survey (Y-1)
2.2. Quasi-static (sine burst) Y
2.3. Sinusoidal vibration Y
2.4. Random vibration Y
2.5. Resonance survey (Y-2)
3. Z-axis
3.1. Resonance survey (Z-1)
3.2. Quasi-static (sine burst) Z
3.3. Sinusoidal vibration Z
3.4. Random vibration Z
3.5. Resonance survey (Z-2)




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